The main objective of this PhD project is an enhanced understanding of the linkage between local and larger-scale weather conditions over the region of Svalbard, and related exchange processes connected to the atmospheric boundary layer such as orographically influenced flows and air-cryosphere-sea interactions.

The successful candidate will have an active part in fieldwork around Svalbard for the collection of new datasets related to the research project and will have access to and make use of a broad range of scientific tools and databases including long term climate records from automatic weather stations (AWS), atmospheric reanalysis datasets, numerical weather prediction models and various measurement platforms for atmospheric research, including AWS and novel, remotely piloted measurement systems. Experience with several of theses tools and datasets is preferable.

The PhD candidate is expected to take an active role in producing peer-review papers within the mentioned topics that eventually will lead to the final PhD dissertation. Some teaching and supervision of undergraduate and Master students can be expected.

The successful candidate must have a Master's degree in meteorology, oceanography or a related field and a good understanding of atmospheric boundary-layer and/or regional-scale processes is preferred. Experience from fieldwork and skills in using scientific instruments for making meteorological observations are an advantage, as well as experience with atmospheric models and reanalysis data sets.

Admission to the doctoral program at the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, is a condition of employment in the position as PhD student. The final plan for researcher education shall be approved and a contract signed with the mainland university at the latest six months after commencement. The candidate and the supervisors will prepare the application.

Applications deadline: Wednesday, 15 July 2015.

The full position description, including application information, is available at

For questions, please contact:

Marius Jonassen
Phone: +47 7902 3339