The main goal of the Forum is creation of environment in BRICS and SCO in order to:

  • Develop and efficiently introduce best practices of applying IT in social sphere for the sake of people' happiness;
  • Extensively develop smart regions, where first-priority topics of IT application include solutions aimed at improvement of life and business quality;
  • Ensure that government authorities and organizations of BRICS and SCO states become more aware of IT import phaseout efforts;
  • To promote a consolidated opinion on major focus areas of public IT policy at regional level in BRICS and SCO states.

As a result of Forum the Ugra Declaration of the VIII Forum of BRICS and SCO countries will be accepted, along with a number of business agreements and the development of a frame plan for implementation of Forum decisions.

The Ugra declaration with the proposals on the specific events within the period of Russian Federation presidency in BRICS and SCO will be addressed to BRICS and SCO summits.

You can find more information on the official web-site of the forum.