The dynamic of the development of modern cities is provided by the presence of the new valuable ideological basis for the creation and transformation of the social and cultural environment. "The Open City" concept, which is nowadays being actively implemented in many cities of the world, plays the crucial role in this process. This experience should be systematized, perceived and adapted to the development of cultural, real-estate, tourist, design, museum and other projects in Ekaterinburg.

The urban culture faces various challenges that actualize the society's need for specialists who are able to solve the humanitarian problems from the preservation of human health and ecological environment to the organization of urban communities comprehensively. "The Open City" concept enables us to talk about changing the paradigm and placing the members of urban process under the spotlight. Along with the ideas of cultural participation, environment, energy and resource conservation, this concept is being implemented in fundamentally new forms and structures of the objective reality. Therefore, the recommendations on their establishment are vital for the practice.

The topics of the conference include:

  1. Historical, social, cultural and theoretical basis of "The Open City" concept. The optimal methods of investigation of "The Open City": the spheres of interdisciplinary cooperation;
  2. Criteria and modes of the openness: objective and spatial milieu, safety and ecology, communications and values, symbolic expression;
  3. Projecting and research tools in the achievement of the openness: modelling, participatory projecting, working with patterns, cultural practices;
  4. Ekaterinburg: the dynamics of openness and closeness, history and modernity. The university as an intensification factor of urban openness.

The collective volume of the works on "The Open City" concept will be published after the conference. The organizers reserve the right to select the publications on competitive basis. There is no registration fee.

The conditions of participation and publications:

Applications for participation in the conference and abstracts of the reports must be up to 3000 characters. The deadline for the application is September 10, 2015.

To participate in the conference, please send your reports to:

Tatyana Bystrova

Alyona Shutova

The invitations to the conference will be sent later.