On the side window in the bus passengers can find a banner with a bookshelf and painted books. The books have titles, names of the authors and QR-codes which you can use to download a book and read.  

Olga Aristova, the project manager of Vladivostok library system and one of the authors of the bus-library, told about this innovation.

- The project is called "e-bookshelf" and created with the support of the Vladivostok Central Library and the city administration. The project started on 4 July. The same day we also held for the first time our new event called "The Book Market."

Of course, in the age of high technologies, each smartphone user can easily download the book. But the project is special. It is an unobtrusive invitation to reading and a reminder of how interesting and useful you can spend your time.

Valery Postnikov [text and photos], "Ostrov.ru" newspaper