Future reindeer herders work in the domestic reindeer manufactory, which was opened at the college last year. Students also go to practice in reindeer brigades to the East Siberian Sea. Arctic college pays special attention to cooperation with local organizations - employers, so the graduates have no difficulties with jobs.

During the Year of the Arctic, which was held 2014 in Yakutia, the college has established close connections with international organizations: Association of World Reindeer Herders and the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry.

In addition to reindeer herders Arctic College of the Peoples of the North educates future specialists in various fields: mining technicians, primary school teachers and car mechanics.

Dormitory with all modern conveniences provides place for all students. "We have five meals daily in the dormitory, fish and meat are supplied by the students themselves, we have our own fishing and hunting grounds", - says the college director Elena Antipina.

Basically, the college educates school graduates from local settlements; the Cherskii village remains a remote and hard-to-reach place. However, the young people coming here do not regret their choice.