- At the present time, it is planned to open the Arctic campus in Pevek and Anadyr. Scientists will be able to live and carry out a big variety of research including climatic, biological, ecological one. This is a complex project that requires the creation of appropriate infrastructure, - said Alexander Bekker.

He also mentions that the Arctic campus will allow year-round studies which now can be carried out only in expeditions. The campus will be a basis for a wide range of research in the Eastern Arctic.

Far Eastern Federal University has accumulated extensive experience in the development of technologies for the Arctic regions. In 2014, in the framework of the FEFU International competitiveness development program, a large-scale project was launched to establish the university Center of Excellence in the field of Arctic technology of ocean resources development.

In 2015, the Far Eastern Federal University and the oil company "Rosneft" signed four contracts to carry out research work in the implementation of projects for development of oil fields on the Arctic shelf. Their main performer is the Far Eastern Federal University School of Engineering.

Simultaneously, the Far Eastern Federal University is becoming a new center for the study of social and political problems of the Arctic region. This study is conducted within the framework of the Joint Institute for the study of the frontier seas and the Arctic created by FEFU Law School in partnership with the Shanghai Transport University (China).