Immigrants are a vulnerable group in the labor market, since the unemployment rate among immigrants in Nordic countries is higher than among locals. My research seeks new ways in which the socio-cultural capital and human capital of immigrants can be used as a resource in business life in Lapland as well as in other Nordic countries. It is very hard for immigrant entrepreneurs to continue a business in the region, since previous studies say that sometimes an immigrant entrepreneur discontinue their business immediately after establishing. My visit to Aarhus draws attention on the disadvantage theory of entrepreneurship and cultural theory of entrepreneurship to better explain the factors that act as barriers in achieving a sustainable immigrant entrepreneurship.

Nafisa Yeasmin Mobility 2

During my stay in Aarhus and Copenhagen I investigated some of the positive factors for successful business and economic activities of immigrant small entrepreneurs. As I found out from my empirical research, immigrant entrepreneurship issues and themes in Denmark do not fall within the responsibility of any single authority or any single sector. All the official and organizational actors need to change their attitudes and encourage positive interaction. An investment in effort in knowledge building, a process that will enable immigrants to play a fruitful role in the future social, political and economic development of the region.

During my visit I have communicated with Aarhus University, and they have supported my work during my stay in Aarhus to achieve my goal. Overall, my visit helped me to build an academic network and to get to know the situation of immigrant entrepreneurs in the other Arctic parts of the EU's Arctic.

- Nafisa Yeasmin