Selected from 43 applicants, 15 participants were accepted – scholars from Canada, Greenland, UK, Finland, Alaska, Denmark, Iceland and Russia.

The summer school was jointly organized by Aalborg University’s Arctic research center CIRCLA, Arctic Research Center ARC at Aarhus University and University of the Arctic.

The Summer school of 2015 aimed to:

  • Inspire young/aspiring researchers to think (trans-culturally) about ways to bridge gaps between sometimes differing visions of Arctic development.
  • Address critical questions pertaining to private sector involvement in the Arctic, especially concerning profits, benefits, environmental and cultural concerns in connection with e.g. oil and mineral exploitation.
  • Explore issues of social exclusion and inclusion with a focus on participatory democracy, public involvement as well as indigenous expressions of community belonging, ownership and citizenship rights.
  • Inspire discussions of modernisation and traditional ways of life, including the negotiation of conflicts arising from urbanisation and globalisation.
  • Assist young/aspiring researchers in exchanging and ideas with each other and with established scholars.

The summer school received generous support from the Port of Aalborg and Arctic Consensus and was kindly sponsored by The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and University of the Arctic.

A full report can be found in Aalborg University News