Our way to celebrate is to do things”, said director Timo Koivurova to explain the choice of date for the birthday festivities during one of the most visible events organised by the Arctic Centre.

”We want to be a global forerunner in Arctic research and science communication in social, political and environmental issues. Our history and experiences give us the tools to reach our vision.”

In Arctic affairs 30 years is a long time. When the Arctic Centre opened, there was no Arctic Council, and the first joint meeting of Arctic ministers took place a few years later.

”It was a bold and farsighted move to establish the Arctic Centre, and to create this landmark through an international architectural competition.”

”Now the Arktikum building houses a world-class academic community. During the past year all foreign ministers of the Arctic countries have walked these corridors. Our model combining research and science communications is unique ”

There will be surprises and turbulences in the future, Timo Koivurova predicted, but the Arctic Centre will be there to face them.

Professor Antti Syväjärvi, the rector of the University of Lapland, talked about the passion for Arctic issues that the university and the Arctic Centre share. He thanked the staff and excellent partners. Many of the long-term companions were present to express their congratulations. Professor Karin Lochte who chairs the Scientific Advisory Board praised the multidisciplinary approach and the open dialogue the centre carries out with government and stakeholders. Lars Kullerud of the University of the Arctic pointed out the importance of outreach activities – in Arktikum, tourists are nourished with solid knowledge.

Liisa Holmberg said that the impacts of the work of the centre are visible for all.

”The goals set for the Arctic Centre over 30 years ago are still relevant. It still researches, develops, experiments and popularises knowledge. The research goes deep into the ecology and politics. It is about us, the Arctic people.”