ArcticNet is a Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada that brings together scientists and managers in the natural, human health and social sciences with their partners in Inuit organizations, northern communities, government and industry to help Canadians face the impacts and opportunities of climate change and modernization in the Arctic. Over 150 ArcticNet researchers and 1000 graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research associates and technicians from 34 Canadian universities and 20 federal and provincial agencies and departments collaborate on 41 research projects with more than 150 partner organizations from Canada, the USA, Japan, Denmark, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Greenland and France.

Amundsen Science is the non-profit organization responsible for the management of the scientific mandate of the research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen, Canada’s only icebreaker equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities to support multidisciplinary studies.The Amundsen is the main marine research platform used by ArcticNet and is accessible to Canadian academics and their partners from government, the private sector and
other countries. The ship’s pool of specialized equipment includes 65 scientific systems and 22 onboard and portable laboratories that can accommodate the needs of physical, chemical and biological oceanographers, paleo-oceanographers, marine geologists and geomorphologists, marine ecologists, atmosphere and ocean color specialists, and epidemiologists studying Inuit health.

This position is based in Quebec City, Canada and requires both French and English verbal and written communication skills. This position is open for immediate hire.

For more information please see the job posting here(In English) and here(In French)