The editors decided to compile a book that takes a multidisciplinary look at the migration and its related phenomena and future issues in the Arctic region.

- We ask what we can learn from the past. What are the challenges and solutions of tomorrow? Arctic questions are now extremely topical, but still less studied. We wanted to highlight what has been studied, Yeasmin describes.

The peer-reviewed book includes articles written by not only researchers from the University of Lapland but also international researchers of the Arctic region all the way from, for example, Alaska and Norway. The book introduces economic, social, legislative, and educational viewpoints to (im)migration. The research foci cover both minorities moving in the region and local, Arctic indigenous peoples.

The book is meant to serve researchers and educators of higher education institutions as well as everyone interested in Arctic research and (im)migration in the region.

The editors are having a small publication event on Tuesday April 2nd, at 13.00, Lecture hall LS13 at the University of Lapland.

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