The main actions included the One Arctic - One Health conference in Oulu, establishment of the TremArctic network, and two published Systematic Review papers and manuscripts. The report of all activities of the One Health project (2017-2019) led by Finland, U.S. and Canada is available on the SDWG website.

There were also joint sessions and presentations in scientific conferences, seminars and workshops, and joint meetings and collaboration with the other Arctic Council Working Groups, the University of the Arctic, other organisations, and scientific projects. The report concludes with some updated proposals for further work, based on previous works and reflecting progress over the past two years. The Finnish One Arctic - One Health team consisted of scientists from the University of Oulu, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), University of Helsinki and the Finnish Food Authority. This work was supported by the grant of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The report is available here.

Systematic Review papers:
Human infectious diseases and the changing climate in the Arctic
Temporal trends of contaminants in Arctic human populations