First Announcement for 2019 Harbin Institute of Technology International Ice and Snow Innovation Design and Construction Competition

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Harbin, China


Theme of the Competition

Ice and snow architecture originated in Arctic areas. It is a natural part of the polar culture and a special cultural product of the interaction between human beings and the polar environment. A deeper understanding of polar culture, regional materials and techniques can lead to new innovations and possibilities that will contribute to sustainable developments. By using ice and snow in cold climate area, there will be no damage to the environment. Contemporary research in technology, industry and the culture of ice and snow architecture will lead to innovations in material, structure, form, construction method and functional application. The result will be an important contribution to the infrastructure for the ice-snow industry and culture in cold regions. To stimulate academic research and to strengthen cultural exchanges and promote academic cooperation in snow and ice architecture HIT, UArctic and the IASS Working Group 21 have organized the 2019 HIT International Ice and Snow Architecture Innovation Design and Construction Competition. The competition will be held in December 2019 on the campus of HIT, as one of the centennial celebration activities of HIT. The theme of the competitions is: contemporary Arctic Ice House design based on Arctic traditions and innovation in ice and snow construction. The competition invites outstanding talents and professionals in relevant fields of ice and snow architecture to realize a small-sized dwelling. The following aspects must be taken into account:

 environmental impact;

 cultural heritage;

 technological innovation


Topic of the competition

Polar Dwelling–Design and Construction Competition of Contemporary Arctic Igloos


Site location

The site is located in the campus of HIT. The size of each team’s construction site is 12m×12m.



It is proposed to invite 8-10 teams, each team consisting of 5-10 students and 1-2 instructors.

Firstly, participating teams must submit their design proposals. From these proposals, 6 to 8 excellent proposals will be selected for the actual construction.


Financial support

The organizer will provide construction funds about ¥_50,000 to each college construction team for teachers' round-trip ticket board and lodging and students' board and lodging. Other expenses should be paid by oneself.


Prize and award

After being reviewed by the accrediting and validating agency, the works will be selected and evaluated comprehensively to produce the final awards.

1st Prize (1team) ($_1,500 and certificate)

2nd Prize (2teams) ($_1,000 and certificate)

3rd Prize (3 teams) ($_500 and certificate)

Excellence Award (several teams) (Certificate)



Registration Deadline: August 30th, 2019

For further deadline please consult the link below


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