TN brings together more than 200 institutions worldwide to develop cooperative education, research, and training programs for the sustainable economic development of ocean food systems, including capture fisheries and aquaculture systems.

“Members of the UArctic Thematic Network are committed to finding the best practices for enhancing production systems and making value chains in ocean food systems more sustainable,” stated Barry Costa-Pierce, Ph.D., Executive Director, UNE NORTH: The Institute for North Atlantic Studies.

The TN opens up opportunities for educational exchanges for students and faculty to study at other member institutions, either in-person or online, in undergraduate through graduate programs.

"The involvement of UNE in UArctic with Barry Costa-Pierce assuming the leadership of the Thematic Network on Ocean Food Systems is an important step forward for Arctic and Sub-Arctic universities and institutions,” stated Catherine Chambers, program director at University Centre of the Westfjords and Vice Chair of the new TN. “Through UNE's leadership of the TN we look forward to building a strong interdisciplinary team to increase collaboration in ocean education through student and faculty exchanges, and also to increase research potential and knowledge sharing surrounding the multifaceted topics linked to Arctic ocean food systems."

By building up a network of teachers, students and specialists, the TN will develop joint field schools and master’s courses, explore dual and blended degree options, and initiate cooperative research in the interdisciplinary field of fisheries and aquaculture in the Arctic.

“Assuming leadership of the TN now connects UNE NORTH, the School of Marine Programs, and all of their academic activities to the rest of the university systems in the UArctic,” Costa-Pierce commented.

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