University of New England


The University of New England (UNE) is a “private university with a public mission” that encourages innovation in all its programs. A growing university with strength in the health, marine and environmental sciences and grounded in the liberal arts, UNE has a rich and varied history characterized by determination, creativity and resourcefulness. The University brings together Westbrook College, founded in 1831; St. Francis College, founded in 1952; and distinctive medical osteopathic profession under one roof.

Undergraduate enrollment is primarily residential, serving 2,400 students. Graduate programs, including Doctor in Osteopathic Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and other health care programs, enroll approximately 3,900. Online programs, including Social Work, Public Health and Education, among others, are growing, and today enroll over 4,000 students.

UNE NORTH: The Institute for North Atlantic Studies of the University of New England is an education and research leader for Maine connected to the North Atlantic/Arctic region. The institute is built to support collaborative approaches to meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. UNE NORTH develops innovative, cross sector partnerships that support a healthy environment, human health and wellness, recycling economies, scientific and ecologically-educated societies. UNE NORTH trains the next generation of leaders — its students, researchers, business and community partners — in sustainable development by building collaborative, local to global approaches to shared challenges and opportunities.

Facts and figures

Year Established 1831
Total Number of Staff 767
Number of Academic Staff 599
Number of Students 8276
Focus Areas
  • Rural Healthcare
  • Marine Programs
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Science
  • Global Studies
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Fields of Study Offered Biology and biochemistry
Environmental science
Life science (broad programmes)
Physical science (broad programmes)
Nursing and caring
Dental studies
Social work and counselling
Natural environments and wildlife