The position is associated with the interdisciplinary project UrbTrans (2020–2024), which is funded by the Tromsø Research Foundation and the Research Council Norway, and led by Associate Professor Tone Huse.

‘The Arctic is burning, and Greenland is melting’, the popular science magazine stated after the record-warm month of July 2019. Wildfires ravaged and attention was once again turned to the pronounced effects of climate change in the Arctic. This development is also what sets the stage for UrbTrans, a radically interdisciplinary project that will analyse how the citizens and authorities of Greenland’s capital city, Nuuk, respond to the challenges and opportunities of a warming Arctic. UrbTrans will further work to expand the temporal scope of Arctic studies, towards understanding not only the shifts of the present, but also how Nuuk’s colonial past is activated in and affects ongoing transformation processes. This will entail close engagement with questions regarding the character and continued effects of Nordic colonialism, as well as decoloniality in a Nordic context. The project will furthermore be characterised by innovative methodological work to span the traditional divides of studies of the past and the present, the humanities and the social sciences.

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