The journal issue themed "Education in the Circumpolar North" was edited by senior editor Kirk Anderson and co-editors Jennifer Godfrey Anderson and Sylvia Moore, all from Memorial University.

The co-editors Jennifer Anderson and Sylvia Moore described the journal edition in their introductory article as follows: "The Morning Watch began as a voice specifically for the teachers of Newfoundland and Labrador, but shifting geographies, climate change, and globalism makes the connection to history, the world, and to our Arctic partners, now much more significant. This special edition celebrates those connections by focusing on teacher education in the circumpolar north."

In addition to the introductory article, the journal edition includes ten articles focusing on Indigenous education topics, future and history of teacher education in the north, outdoor education and equity in education in the North. Seven of those articles are authored or co-authored by researchers, who are active in UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education:

Full journal issue is available here