Each UArctic Chair will be appointed for a period of five years, with the possibility of renewal, and funded by the nominating UArctic member institution or organization. Chairs will develop research and/or education cooperation, including undergraduate, graduate, PhD, and postdoctoral scientist training, as well as build partnerships with the broader Arctic community. UArctic Chairs will devote 10-20% of their time as strategic leads and advisors for UArctic and represent UArctic in relevant international fora.

Among the 25 candidates that sent appllications, there are several Thematic Networks Leads, heads of research facilities from the UArctic member institutions, and highly renowned scientists and academics, including younger career stage representatives. The candidates, eight females and 16 males, represent eight countries, nine from Canada, five from Norway, three from Finland and United Kingdom and two from United States and one from Russian Federation, Iceland and France.

Thematic areas vary from culture and social sciences to natural sciences, including Indigenous knowledge holders. The candidates will be soon contacted and asked to submit full proposals by the deadline August 1, 2021.

Inquires and more infrmation: Anastasia Emelyanova, anastasia.emelyanova@oulu.fi