The NSF Arctic Data Center Science Advisory Board is comprised of 10 members who provide advice and leadership to the Center regarding goals and strategic priorities in support of the Arctic research and education community. Through engagement and familiarity with the NSF Arctic Section, and Polar Programs in general, Science Advisory Board members also serve as emissaries for the Center.

The Arctic Data Center is seeking nominations and self-nominations from any community members that are supported by and impacted by Arctic Data Center operations, and are particularly interested in hearing from researchers, educators, and data users across diverse social science disciplines (e.g., ethnography, archaeology, economics, sociology, etc.) in addition to the natural sciences (e.g., atmospheric, terrestrial, oceanographic, earth, and environmental sciences). This is not an employed position but an opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of the Arctic Data Center.

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Nomination webform

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Call for Nominations

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Amber Budden