Over the last few months, the project has been active in gathering information for a catalogue of national Polar programmes and European Polar Research funding programmes.

Furthermore, EU-PolarNet 2 has opened its first Call for Services, searching for support from the scientific community in defining applicable research activities. These services will be an important piece of our research prioritisation process. The other important piece is our newly formed Polar Expert Group and we are very pleased that so many excellent experts volunteered to become a member of this group. A big thank you to all these helpful colleagues.

Newsletter content: 

  • News from EU-PolarNet 2
    • Call for Services
    • All-Atlantic2021 side event on Polar Research
    • ICASS X Panel on Co-creation of knowledge and co-design in Arctic research projects: rethinking calls, seed money and evaluation criteria of funding organisations
    • First European Polar Science Week report is now available!
    • Contribute now to our survey on “Polar Observing Assets”!
  • EU Polar Cluster News
  • Partner highlights on polar research
    • First results of the MOSAiC expedition: Climate Change makes Arctic Ozone loss worse
    • Meteorite impact over Antarctica 430,000 years ago
    • Glacial melt shifts benthic metabolism of an Antarctic fjord
    • New strategy for the Netherlands Polar Programme
    • The Fifth Turkish Antarctic Expedition (TAE-V)
    • The Turkish Academy of Sciences Young Scientists Award Programme Polar Studies Prize
    • Arctic architecture and environmental adaptation research group
  • Highlights of Polar programmes
    • A glimpse on AMAP, the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme
    • A glimpse on French Polar Research
    • A glimpse on the Spanish Polar community
    • A glimpse on the Centre for Polar Studies lead by the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland
  • Other news
    • The Ocean Decade Advisory Board: Call for Expert Members Nominations
  • Upcoming events

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