With articles by Dmitry Zamyatin, Ekaterina Romanova and Oksana Dobjanskaya, as well as Olga Lavrenova, translated from Russian by Marianna Samsonova; an introduction by Daniel Chartier and cover photographs by Robert Fréchette.

Published in the "Isberg" collection, the book is available in printed format distributed by the Presses de l'Université du Québec and its distributor Prologue, as well as in digital format, by free download.

The articles translated and collected in this book bear witness to the vitality of reflections on the Arctic in a cultural and social context in Siberia. Relation with the Sakha Republic - Yakutia - reveal an interesting potential for cooperation, especially in the field of education, indigenous studies, cultural studies and in the general understanding of the circumpolar cold world.

Book information:
Daniel Chartier, Dmitry Zamyatin, Ekaterina Romanova and Olga Lavrenova, Géocultures. Méthodologies russes sur l’Arctique, Montréal, Imaginaire Nord, “Isberg” series, 2020, 100p.

ISBN 978-2-923385-40-2

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