My Northern project aims to organize an international science popularization contest involving students from Quebec and Scandinavia. The partners in this project are the Institut nordique du Québec and the University of the Arctic (UArctic) network consisting of partners from all Nordic countries and circumpolar regions.

Since 2017, the two partners have been organizing a competition for doctoral and master students to reward them for their efforts in popularizing science. While promoting the transfer of knowledge and the popularization of science and offering an unprecedented academic experience to finalists, the competition aims each year to strengthen the ties between the Institut nordique du Québec and UArctic.

In 2022 the competition was again very successful, and audience got to hear inspiring talks from the following students:

Saia Marilena Stueng, Ph.D. Student, Sámi University of Applied Sciences, Norway: The Role of the Sami Literature in the Sami High School

Daniel Fillion, M.Sc. student in Chemistry, Université Laval, Canada: Shedding Light on a Dark Lake : How the Sun Transforms the Chemistry of Northern Lake

Ella Mattila, Ph.D. Student, University of Tampere, Finland: The Utterly Unknown: (Lack of) Sami knowledge in Finnish Teacher Education

Rachel Guindon, M.Sc. student in Biology, Université Laval, Canada: 50 Years of Muskox Presence in Northern Québec: Investigating Potential Effects on Plant Communities

Kendall Cromartie, M.Sc. Student, Reykjavik University, Iceland: Assessing the Potential for Renewable Energy Systems in Remote Arctic Communities as a Mean of Reducing Regional Diesel Fuel Dependence

Sophia Ferchiou, Ph.D. student in Biology, Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Canada: Environmental DNA: Exploiting the Filtration Capacity of Mussels to Study the Biodiversity of Marine Ecosystem

Johanna Sophie Bürkert, Ph.D. student, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: The Role of Law in Coastal Socioecological Systems' Resilience to Climate Change in the Arctic

Alexandre Delangle, Ph.D. Student, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines/Paris Saclay, France: Prophesying Arctic Power Vilhjalmur Stefasson and the United States' Polar Strategic Culture 1918

Sarah Lemieux-Montminy, M.Sc. student in Architecture, Université Laval, Canada: Towards a Bioclimatic Architecture to Reduce Greenhouse Gases in Nunavik

Aude Flamand, M.Sc. Student in Oceanography, Université du Québec à Rimouski, Canada: The Tale of Sleeping DOM : This Newly Mobilized Old Matter Released by Thawing Permafrost

Anne-Renée Delli Colli, M.Sc. Student in Nursing, Université de Montréal, Canada: Seeing Through 3D Equity Glasses: Perspectives of Nurses Working in Nunavik.

Funded by Nordic Council of Ministers Nordic Co-operation between Québec and the Nordic countries.