This conference takes place in difficult times for the world, which is also reflected in the invitation for the conference:  “The times they are a changing”. Always. But sometimes more. When these sentences are written in the spring of 2022, we don’t know for sure what our reality will be in June 2023. This is a demanding realization. We are in an ongoing climate crisis. We hope we are in a post-pan­demic situation. And there is an ongoing war in Europe. What we can know for sure, is that all of this will create major challenges for social work; insecurity, fear, inequality, exclusion, poverty, increasing number of refugees and much, much more. But perhaps also new mobilizations, new forms of solidarity and new solu­tions: New opportunities. Because in the bottom line, there are no alternatives”.

The key note speakers of the conference are: Walter Lorentz, who is a contract professor at Charles University, Prague Czech Republic and Free University of Bozen / Bolzano, Italy. His research interests cover anti-racism practice and current and historical aspects of European social work and social policy. Astri Dankertsen  is an associate professor at Nord university in Bodø, Norway. Her research focus on gender, ethnicity and gender equality. Philip Lalander is a professor at Linnæus University in  Kalmar, Sweden. Among his research interests are miggration studies, and studies concerning drug abusers.

The conference offers possibilities for researchers on a wide range fields within social work. And it will offer social meetings and cultural experiences – hopefully also under the midnight sun.

Read more about the conference at: FORSA2023 (

The deadline for submitting abstracts is January 15th 2023.