As a part of the Sustainable Development Working Group Projects: Local2Global and Project CREATeS, a Digital Storytelling Facilitator Training workshop and a Digital Story Telling (DST) workshop were held in Nuuk hosted by the Centre for Public Health in Greenland in collaboration with The Centre for Arctic Welfare at Ilisimatusarfik / The University of Greenland.

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The workshops were led and facilitated by Dr. Allison Crawford, Chantalle Clarkin and Sara Wilde. Dr. Crawford has been the scientific lead for Project CREATeS since the initiation of the initiative and has facilitated workshops in several Arctic Regions, including in Greenland in 2019.

DST supports participants to use technology to tell their personal stories. The highly visual and engaging nature of the stories, and the fact that they are recorded, will allow the stories to be shared with other audiences. The goal is to create a space, where youth can talk and create stories out of their experiences, to stimulate a dialogue across the Arctic and to engage youths to take action in suicide prevention and resilience-building. DST is a collaborative practice that is a powerful qualitative research method providing insight into what is important for the storytellers and encourage the storytellers to engage within those areas.

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Sofie participated in the facilitator training from March 10-11, 2023, and in the following workshop from March 13-15. In the workshop, she got practical experience with learning material from the facilitator training, which made the learning process easier, as she could use the theory and really get “hands on”.

To learn about Sofie and her work with SDU in Greenland, read more here.

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