While addressing the complexity and interdependent multifaceted elements of the Arctic, the book highlights different Arctic subjects in a more approachable and easier way to comprehend. By being mindful of the fact that the field of Arctic Law studies lacks a simple yet comprehensive introductory work that enables current or prospective students, especially in the field of Arctic studies, as well as policymakers and practitioners, to grasp a sound understanding of Arctic matters quickly yet thoroughly, the book offers a simple yet sufficient coverage of the most relevant legal, political, socioeconomic and environmental topics. The book provides a primary understanding of the most pertinent topics in Arctic Law studies. It counts the contributions of experts in different areas, combining the viewpoints and experiences of academics and practitioners alike. Its reading should allow anyone interested in Arctic Law matters to get not only the gist of the topic, but a sound understanding of what the challenges are, and what could be done next. 

The book is edited by Kamrul Hossain and J. Miguel Roncero, and contributed by a group of scholars having expertise in their respective areas in Arctic Law. Published as part of the series – Juridica Lapponia – from the University of Lapland, the book is produced in collaboration with the UArctic Law Thematic Network and the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law at the Arctic Centre.

The book is open access and can downloaded through the link: 978-952-337-383-9.pdf (ulapland.fi)