“Oh, Canada! During my semester abroad at the University of Saskatchewan, I had the opportunity to travel and see all the different types of nature and landscapes Canada has to offer. From the Rocky Mountains in the west to the flatlands in the middle of the country, the views were always spectacular. The beautiful nature was a big part of why I chose Canada as the destination for my semester abroad.

When I arrived in Saskatoon in early September, the sun was shining, and the University felt alive. The campus is beautiful with stone brick buildings and lots of greenery throughout. It has a lot of places to eat and multiple libraries with good places to study. From day one I felt excited to be there and to learn more about Canada, the world, and myself. 

The University of Saskatchewan hosts many exchange students and international students every semester. The fact that many other students were in the same position as me made it easy to make new friends. I made friends from all over the world, and this increased my knowledge of different cultures. During this semester I not only became better at English, but also learned some German, Spanish, Russian, and French words from my international friends. Together we discussed worldviews, traditions, food cultures, music, and universities around the world.

Through the University's buddy program, you were paired up with a Canadian buddy who would serve as a guide during your time there. This was both helpful and fun; helpful to get intel and tips from someone who calls Saskatoon home and fun to get to know Canadians and learn about their culture. The buddy program also organized many fun activities including trips, dinners, parties, and football games.

I wanted to broaden my law degree while at the University of Saskatchewan. My goal was to become a better future lawyer by increasing my knowledge in other fields of study, mainly social sciences. I took courses in sociology, philosophy, political science, and critical perspectives on justice. In law, I often feel like you can end up in a bubble by only focusing on paragraphs and sections. I felt it was important to understand the law within the society it is applied. Therefore, it was important to me to study other fields to become a more well-rounded academic. 

All the courses I attended at the University of Saskatchewan still somehow related to the study of law. In sociology, we discussed different factors that contribute to crime. In political science, we discussed globalization in the form of international law, human rights, and transnational terrorism. In philosophy, we discussed the concept of justice and how to determine what is just and fair. By broadening my degree, I still enhanced my understanding of law. 

The professors at the University were mostly helpful and kind. If there was something I did not understand you could always ask, and they were happy to guide you through it. Some professors were also interested in learning things from me, about Sweden and university life there.

I am very thankful to north2north for giving me an opportunity to study abroad. It has been a fun, exciting, sometimes hard, interesting, and educational semester at the University of Saskatchewan. I truly feel more knowledgeable and open-minded about the world, and I have made life-long connections with both Canadians and with people from all continents of the world.”

Campus: Photo by Celina Hedstrom
Campus: Photo by Celina Hedström