The network delivers activities and possibilities for social work educations and academics in University of the Arctic (UArctic). In fall this year it offers a 3-cr. micro course on “Social Work in the Arctic” for both students and professionals in social work. It covers the three topics, mentioned above. The network has also started the process to fulfill an anthology, with the title “Social Work in the North. Possibilities and challenges”. And finally, it is planning for an Arctic celebration of “Social Work Day” in March 2025 in cooperation with social work students all over Arctic.

The network group has ten members from ten different institutions that offer social work educations – most of them members of the UArctic. Their coordinator has her base at Nord university in Bodø. As professor Asgeir Solstad now is leaving this position, ass. Professor Sandra Jervås – also from Nord university - takes on as a coordinator for this soon twenty years old network.