Korea Maritime Institute

KMI is a policy research institute that is sponsored by the Korean government. Our goal at KMI is to pursue development and innovation in order to establish national policies in the fields of marine affairs, fisheries, and shipping and ports which, in turn, contribute to the national economic growth. In addition to performing basic duties of a government-sponsored research institute, KMI continues to reinforce research capabilities that tailor to policy needs of the nation and society. Moreover, KMI has carried out training and exchange programs for developing nations. Conducting and hosting a variety of seminars and conferences, we try to have better communication and interaction with communities and government-related agencies.

There have been many occasions for KMI to participate in international researches or projects regarding marine policies, which require close cooperation between the government, industry and academia. KMI provides valuable information on government policies and newly emerging issues, as well as serving as a channel or platform for mutual understanding and cooperation among related organizations. Since its establishment in 1984, KMI has made its best endeavours to lay the foundations of Korea’s development and growth. We promise to become an outstanding research center which serves domestic and global needs. KMI continues to upgrade itself and head toward the world to contribute to global maritime affairs and fishery policies.

Facts and figures

Web https://www.kmi.re.kr/eng/main/main.do?rbsIdx=1
Year Established 1984
Total Number of Staff 212
Number of Academic Staff 155