Arctic Initiative, Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School

Founded in 2017, the Arctic Initiative at the Belfer Center addresses the challenges and opportunities being created by rapid climate change in the Arctic.  It does so by (i) integrating insights from cutting-edge scientific research and Indigenous knowledge to improve understanding of the pace of climate change there and its implications inside and outside the region;  (ii) working with local, regional, national, and international leaders on applying the best current understandings of Arctic climate change, and of options for addressing it, to the development and implementation of appropriate policies; and (iii) helping to train a new generation of interdisciplinary Arctic experts and Arctic-savvy leaders  motivated and  equipped to carry this work forward.

Facts and figures

Year Established 2017
Total Number of Staff 11
Number of Academic Staff 7
Focus Areas
  • Arctic Education and Leadership Development
  • Permafrost and Global Climate Impacts
  • Sustainable Ocean Management
  • Arctic Governance, Cooperation, and Diplomacy
  • Arctic Resilience, Infrastructure, and Public Health