34,2293The objectives of the Canadian Arctic Summit are two-fold. One, the Summit seeks to celebrate northern Canada and the polar regions during the International Polar Year. Secondly, the Summit will provide a forum to focus on our understandings of the challenges facing these regions in the coming decades. More specifically, panels will investigate whether or not the existing institutions are sufficient to support sustainable social, cultural, economic, environmental, and political change.

Over three days, invited experts in northern development, economics, politics, environmental change, technology and innovation, and nothern culture will lead panels in a series of discussions based on the five sessions outlined below:

Session One - Political Evolution in the Arctic
Session Two - Economic Development: Opportunity, Responsibilty, and Regulation
Session Three - Climate Change and the Environment
Session Four - Northern Communities and Residents
Session Five - Cold Climate Technology and Innovation

In each session, three to four speakers have been invited to make a presentation, followed by an open discussion. Participants of the conference will include academics, government officials, industry representatives, and NGO's, with Northern Arctic issues as the common thread amoungst all. Participants, and especially students, are invited to submit posters for display during the meetings.

For more information, please contact Doug Leong at doug.leong@ualberta.ca.

More information can also be found on their digital flyer.