The journal aims to share theories, managements, and practices at international, national and local levels with researchers, policy makers, managers and other stakeholders, and thereby to advance ocean and coastal policy regimes at all levels.

    The journal is dedicated to full range of ocean and coastal policy studies.

    Examples of topics covered by the journal area as followings.

             - Port development and operation

             - Shipping industry

             - Logistics

             - Supply Chain Management

             - Marine energy and mineral development

             - International maritime laws and convention

             - Marine environmental protection and management

             - Coastal management

             - Climate change and coastal hazards 

             - Marine ecosystem protection and management

             - Marine science and technology

             - Fishery resource management

             - Fisheries economics

             - Marine aquaculture, and

             - Other ocean and coastal related policy issues

Recommended pages: Approximately 15 pages, in A4 format

Submission: Accepts submissions all years long

    Submission to the journal proceeds only online ( and you would be informed stepwise from submission to review notification.

    Notice: For your work’s publication in the 2015 Winter Issue, please send the manuscript by November 30, 2015.

Page charges and honorarium

    There are no charges for review and publication of articles you submitted. An honorarium (USD 1,000) will be paid for accepted articles after peer-review.