The master degree program includes the following spezialisations:

Social Work – with a Comparative Perspective

The specialization in social work provides you with a thorough understanding of the theoretical basis of social work as well as its national and transnational challenges. It directs you to understand the impact of cultural, political, social and economic conditions on individuals’ and communities’ living conditions and way of life, and enable you to reflect upon how this knowledge can contribute to improve the life situations of individuals, families, groups and local communities in today’s globalizing context. Read more about the specialization here

International Northern Development

This multidisciplinary specialization provides you with a fundamental understanding of current issues within, and perspectives on, the circumpolar region and its relationship with the international community. Read more about the specialization here.

West Nordic Studies

The Nordic coastal states share the features of scattered populations and abundant natural resources. This study specialization provides you with necessary knowledge and skills to participate in local governance and in the management of local resources and development within a range of social contexts. Read more about the specialization here.

More information about the programme here.