The UArctic Day at the Kuopio campus was divided into two sessions. A UArctic info desk located at the campus lobby provided information for students about north2north exchange program and other UArctic study opportunities. Afterwards, more detailed information about UArctic research activities and education opportunities was presented in the auditorium by project planner Outi Moilanen.

At the Joensuu campus the UArctic Day included a similar presentation about UArctic activities on research and education. The Thematic Network on Arctic Law was presented in more detail by Dawid Bunikowski, Doctor of Laws, who works as the UEF representative in the network.

According to Dr. Bunikowski the network is really active with excellent research cooperation. The TN on Arctic Law brings together around 100 legal and policy experts focusing their research on issues related to indigenous peoples' rights, law of the sea, environmental law and governance in the Arctic. 

Dawid Bunikowski

Dawid Bunikowski presenting the Thematic Network on Arctic Law. Photo: Outi Moilanen


The UArctic Days were organised in order to promote UArctic activities and encourage more people to take part in the UArctic network. During both days especially Thematic Network activities were discussed and seen as interesting possibilities to take part in.

The UArctic Days also promoted the UArctic Research Liaison Office’s services aiming to help UArctic members to increase research collaboration and learn more about suitable funding opportunities.

The UArctic Days are organised by the Thematic Networks & Research Liaison Office, located at the Thule Institute, University of Oulu. The first UArctic Day was held at the University of Oulu in May 2015. Similar info days are planned to be organised also in other UArctic member institutions.