Canada is the only circumpolar country without an Arctic university. Kyle Carsten Wyatt's article for the Walrus magazine discusses why one should be established and how it would benefit people both in the North and in the South. Full article on the Walrus website.

The Students' Forum portion of the UArctic Rectors' Forum begins today in Sweden at Umeå University. Student representation in the Rectors' Forum has become a regular feature, and gives a direct student voice into the main issues of higher education and science being addressed.

At the training ground "Spasskaya Pad"was held the joint summer school of Hokkaido University, Institute of Biological Cryolithozone Problems (Siberian Branch RAS) and North-Eastern Federal University. The study involved NEFU students and postgraduates, and nine students from the Hokkaido University.

A new book of fairy tales "Tales of the river," based on the folklore of Indigenous Peoples of the North will be illustrated by children. The book author Elena Namakonova writes her own fairy tales based on rare folklore sources, recorded among indigenous peoples by number of researchers and ethnographers in the early XX cent...

The Sami flag was designed by Astrid Båhl with the initiative of Saami Council. The flag was officially recognized as the national flag of the Sami at the 13th Saami conference in Sweden on August 13-15, 1986 and was raised for the first time on 14 August 2015

On August, 14-16 the UNESCO Chair of Yugra State University, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia hosted the seminar “Construction of a chum - traditional housing of the Ob-Ugric peoples” organized together with the Youth organization of the Ob-Ugric peoples (MOOUN) within the project “Folk Workshop for Preserving and Promoting the Tradit...

Public Health is moving forward on the special issue related to ‘Extreme Epidemiology’ to be published in fall 2016, and the editors are in process of developing a list of potential authors and manuscripts until Sept 1, 2015. The focus is on epidemiology in extreme climates, including the Arctic and the tropics.

The I International Summer Institute "Innovative Learning Institute on Circumpolar Health" was opened 10 August on the base of North-Eastern Federal University. This is the first event organized in the framework of the new UArctic Thematic Network "Northern Nursing Education".