This was formalized during the UArctic Assembly meeting 2024 in Bodø, Norway, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UArctic and the Arctic Five, a consortium of five prominent universities: Luleå University of Technology, Umeå University, the University of Oulu, the University of Lapland, and UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

The Arctic Five was initially formed in 2016 under the Joint Arctic Agenda, evolving into its current configuration in 2017. This consortium represents the most extensive research and education infrastructure in the European Arctic, encompassing over 10,000 researchers and 90,000 students. The collaboration aims to foster innovative research and education specifically tailored to the Arctic's unique challenges and opportunities.

UArctic, an association legally constituted in Finland, functions as a network of universities, colleges, and research institutes focused on education and research pertinent to the North. By designating the Arctic Five as a UArctic Regional Centre, UArctic seeks to leverage this robust network to support broad engagement and outreach, particularly in the Fennoscandinavian Arctic.

The MoU outlines a comprehensive framework for collaboration, emphasizing mutual support, resource sharing, and the facilitation of UArctic-related activities among the Arctic Five members. Key elements of this agreement include a bi-annual rotating directorship, an executive committee, and adherence to principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

This establishment not only reinforces the Arctic Five’s role in the region but also aligns with UArctic’s mission to build and strengthen collective resources and infrastructures. It is a strategic step towards a more integrated and effective approach to Arctic education and research, benefiting both the academic community and the broader Arctic region.