New multidisciplinary collaboration groups on topics such as, aging, demographic change, gender issues, research ethics, social issues related to urbanization (alcohol and drug abuse, mental health), marginalization, and violence are being outlined with the partners.

The network is coordinated by a core team of Arctic Health at the Thule Institute and Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oulu, Finland. 

Overall Goal

The goal of the Thematic Network on Health and Well-being in the Arctic is to support sustainable development on health and well-being in populations in the circumpolar regions. The network aims to do so by

  • promoting research projects and education on health;
  • organizing research training;
  • distributing scientific information.

The network will base its research and higher education activities on the contemporary needs and priorities of the circumpolar regions and aims to promote a multidisciplinary approach to improve social circumstances for the populations, both in regard to health and well-being as well as delivery of health care and social services in the Arctic.

Main Activities

As a result of the international collaboration in master's education a new PhD program was established in 2013 on Arctic Health. Rapid changes and transformation of the Arctic societies requires collaboration in different fields of research and integration of experts, who understands the complexity and need for a multidisciplinary approach in solving the current and future social problems of the Circumpolar North. The PhD program in Arctic Health contributes to this interdisciplinarity, offering specialization on issues related to health and well-being in the Arctic and teaching special courses as well as summer and winter schools.

  • Summer/winter schools and workshops can be seen here
  • International research projects can be seen here
  • Working groups and programs can be seen here

Current and Planned Activities

Past Activities