Learning experience

  • How to meet patients with a holistic approach in nursing
  • Green care
  • Indigenous people’s knowledge about nature and healing
  • eHealth possibilities in Northern Finland

You will experience the atmosphere of accommodation in the 1800th century’s handicraft town area, study at modern campuses with all their digital tools and nursing technical devises including our University hospitals newest nursing and medical devices.

The UArctic Northern Nursing Education Network (NNEN) is jointly led by the UiT Arctic University of Norway, the University of Saskatchewan, and Aurora College. Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (DIAK) and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) will be hosting the Interprofessional Innovative Learning Institute on Sustainable Nursing in the Circumpolar North.

Tentative Program

  • Field trips around Oulu
  • E-Health services and apps in northern Finland
  • The well-being of young girls in northern Finland
  • Green care methods in town area, parks and forests
  • Oulu sightseeing by bikes and walking

How to Apply?

Contact your local student councillor or academic advisor. Planning is for 13 students from NNEN institutions and 10 students from DIAK and OAMK at Oulu.

*ILICH Finland 2021 will move to a virtual format if student travel is impacted by international travels restrictions. Notice regarding any change to the ILICH format will be provided in advance.

For more information see the Call for Applications poster.